​Vaniqua Nathan 

​Vaniqua Nathan

Date of Birth

27th July 2001 

Where do you currently live?


Iwi/Hapu/Other Nationalities

Ngati Kahu, Nga Puhi, Samoan

Favourite childhood memory

Childhood memory would be living it up on the farms 

What are some of you hobbies and why?

Hobbies would be sporting and drawing because keeps me motivated

Who is someone you look up to?

Someone I look upto is my mum 

Describe Mana Wahine in three words

Passionate, Strong, Respectful 

What does knowing who you are, where you come from and who you are connected to mean to you?
Knowing who I am by where I come from and my connections means I have the ability to face the challenges that come upon me

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership means Strong powerful person

What are your future dreams and aspirations?

Dreams would be to become involved in the sports industry

If you could have dinner with anyone, celebrity, whānau living or deceased who would it be and why?

I'd rather just have dinner with the famz to keep that vibe going between us 

What is your favourite thing about being in Urutapu so far?

Favourite thing on urutapu so far would be doing things that push us out of our comfort zones

Do you have any advice for other aspiring, young rangatahi?

​"Stay true to yourself"